First it is necessary to know if only your IP address is blacklisted.

If you are an innocent user you should read this section !!!

You NEVER sent spam? - Your system was NEVER an OPEN RELAY or an OPEN PROXY? Your system was never infected by viruses / worms???

This means your service provider’s netblock is blacklisted because someone else abused it for spamming or for the spreading viruses / worms in recent days!!!

It makes no sense for you to try to fix your service provider’s problems.

We recommend you do following:

Send a complaint to your service provider and request him/her to stop any kind of abuse inside his/her netblock.
Think about it like this: You are paying for access and use of the internet without any problem. Their actions, or inactions in preventing abuse, mean that the service provider is breaking their agreement with you.

Removing a host from DNSBL be a fee.

IPv4 is listed
Contact for UA: request-dnsbl-ua{at}anticaptcha{dot}net
Contact for other: request-dnsbl{at}anticaptcha{dot}net

How to use this DNSBL in exim: deny dnslists =
How to use this DNSBL in postfix: reject_rbl_client
How to use this DNSBL in sendmail: FEATURE('dnsbl','')dnl

We are support IPv6 now! Please use:

All listed IPs exists as reverse format subdomains under the zone, as defined in RFC 5782.

Looking up IP is done by querying any nameserver for all records in the zone and look at the answer received: The nameserver at runs NSD on a Debian GNU/Linux platform.